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An open forum to discuss any topic related to Vaginismus with other women (and men) going through the journey of understanding it and self-treating it
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An open forum to discuss any topic related to Vaginismus with other women (and men) going through the journey of self-treating it and understanding it..
V.V. - low oxalate?
I have primary dyspareunia and became sexually active maybe 3 months ago. So when sex wasn't getting less painless like I thought it would, I got a referral from my GP to see a specialist (gyno-surgeon) who had removed a benign cyst from one of my falopian tubes when I was 15 (12 lbs cyst fyi). SO I go to see him the other day and he's been called out on emergency surgery and his replacement was a woman who obviously didn't know much about the conditions. Anyways, she did a q-tip test which showed me that I have V.V (though she didn't call it that - she told me to google dysparuenia and vulvodynia which I  don't have.) She told me to use canestan, I know all about candida yeast and think my yeast is pretty under control right now ( I worked for a naturopathic Dr. and am taking acidophillus as well as a yeast killer fairly regularily.) She also told me to do epsom salt baths which i'm going to start, though I havn't heard that mentioned in relation to v.v in any of my research. I'm going to do the basics (no undies, cetaphil if washing ect.).  I think I will use the canestan anyways, but I'm also wondering about this low oxolate buisness. To be honest I don't want to do the diet not because I',m lazy but because it seems like it is going to really rob me of nutrition. I try and eat mainly brown rice and ancient grains and the the list of veggi's is not only long but excludes most of the really nutritious  ones I eat.  I know that calcium citrate neutralizes oxilates and I'm wondering if anyone has supplemented with this and if it helped their v.v.

I am going to go back to see the specialist that I was SUPPOSED to see and maybe try a few others (yay free canadian health care!) and I will update on whatever info I get. Any shared experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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