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Vaginismus sufferer needs another sufferer for story

My name is Danielle, I'm a journalism student in Chicago. I'm currently dealing with vaginismus, though I wasn't aware of what the problem was until I started researching on the internet. Until then, I thought my inability to have sex and have a normal gynecological exam (even use tampons!) was just because I was a virgin, and needed to "stretch out." Even my gynecologist wasn't aware of my condition--instead, when I told her how painful it was, she told me to just try and relax, and asked if anyone had hurt me in the past. My boyfriend didn't understand either--every time we saw each other, I felt like I was sick or abnormal. He constantly made me feel like I just didn't love him enough to try. Since then, I've gotten a handle on what happens to my body, and have started on the path to solving the problem.

It is for this reason that I wanted to write a story for my college magazine about vaginismus--to raise awareness, and try and make young people understand. I am the departments editor for Echo Magazine, the nationalaly distributed magazine of Columbia College Chicago. In this publication, vaginismus could get some of the mass awareness it needs. For that, however, I need another vaginismus sufferer, to help me tell the story. I can guarantee you complete anonymity in the final piece. Only myself and my editor would know your name, and that is only for fact checking purposes.

I understand how difficult it is to discuss this issue, but with another vaginismus sufferer's help, I can help bring more awareness to this issue, and help alleviate some of the social stigma. Like this group states, it is not vaginismus that's the issue, it is society's view of sex. If you're interested in speaking with me, please contact me over this forum. We can then exchange emails and get this piece off the ground.

Thank you!

CAUTION please

I released this new poster but as a moderator I would
strongly caution everyone AGAINST  giving your name
and surname to be used in the media.

I think an article on vaginismus can be done without
anyone of you being put to any risk of finding
your privacy violated in any way.  That's my idea anyway.

Writing an article on a University magazine is a brilliant idea in itself
so all the best to you and congratulations for it.

I just hope it can be done without a name or email to be
given out .  I hope you understand you are asking for a lot.

Let us know the link please once the piece is published .


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