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Vaginismus in Sex Ed.

How would you (if at all) mention vaginismus during sex ed in schools?

We think that mentioning vaginismus casually (among other "dysfunctions") could at least make girls realize that it IS a possibility but that it's not a big deal if it were to happen, it can be cured, many other women have it etc. and that it is often linked to little knowledge of their private parts (which sex ed would then help increase, in theory).

It can also be argued that it may put strange fears into their heads, but then the same could be said of anything, from Aids, to STI's,  etc.
But knowledge is power so I'm thinking it SHOULD be included in sex ed talks.

I just wonder how exactly it could be put in words.

Any suggestions ?

It might be nice to mention things like vaginismus when discussing other types of sex.  I know in my health class, intercourse was barely discussed at all, let alone oral sex or touching, etc.  So, if alternatives were presented, maybe vag could be mentioned along the lines of, "some women who struggle with vaginismus [an explanation of that] find intercourse/insertion painful and participate in different forms of sex."
I'm not sure where exactly a discussion of it could go, but I do agree that it would be nice for girls who struggle with it to know that there isn't something "wrong" with them.  Alternatively, if it were mentioned in those 5th grade girl talks (where all the girls learn about periods and all the boys do something else), then when girls struggled with tampons, they might not freak out as much as I did.

Good ideas.

And i like the casual approach in your example.
I agree that if mentioned, it shouldn't be as a chapter standing on its own, which could freak them out, but dropped casually in the conversation, as if it was (and it IS!) the most natural thing in the world to ALSO at times and for some reasons not to be able or not to be ready to engage in intercourse.

And true, linking it with having problems inserting a tampon is a great idea.

cool, thanks.

It could be mentioned in the bit about tampons, along with toxic shock syndrome, as possible problems that some women encounter.  (I learned about TSS from the medical insert inside a box of tampons - a pretty scary piece of literature for a 13 year old to discover!)

Good idea...  thanks Forum Index -> VAGINISMUS CENTRAL (Public Forum)
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