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Vagina closed

I had radiation and my vagina closed because I did not use the dilator as often as I should have. Now I am paying the consequence.So now I am doing it more than often, otherwise Dr will have to pry it open Rolling Eyes

no doctor WILL HAVE TO, without your consent.

And since  a closed vagina is no illness,
it will be up to you to decide whether
it's worth risking going through more stress and more
hospitals etc  or  accept your vagina as it is and
enjoy it as much as you can since she can
still give you and your partner LOTS and lots of pleasure
as it is..

I'm just saying.

It's your choice.
not the doctor's.

And there's no reason why you should feel bad for not
having dilated more really..

if you didn't feel like it, you didn't.
end of story.
You avoided stress, that's a SMART thing.

Again, it's not like this is an illness you didn't cure.

So, no reason to feel bad really.

And you can still take up dilating again any time
and maybe be more focused on it.  

My partner never wanted me to go through an operation
to "fix" something that he didn't consider broken at all
in the first place.

The risks are just NOT worth it, to me.

Anyway,   just make sure it's YOUR choice, not that doctor's
cause it sounds like  you are deciding based on
his idea and unfortunately many doctors LOVE to open women up with knives. In all sorts of ways.

it doesn't necessarily mean it's hte best thing for you to go through..

Just give it serious consideration and ask for
second opinions at least please..

all the best

Thanks for the advice

They told me no surgery is involved...I am just curious how they open it up more.

Oh, that's good news then.

But I wonder if they mean  physical therapy then?
Or Botox?

if so, please read our pages on such treatments
on our website and then decide for yourself which is best.

Still,  you went through so much down there.

I read about all the radiations and cancer in the other post...

I immediately felt  so bad for your you and your vagina to be honest.

I really would leave her alone after what she's been through....
I dont see what good it could come from putting yourself
under more stress.

But i'll stop here...

I hope you can call them and ask them exactly what they
plan to do.

It's your right to be in the know.

And then let us know what you decide....

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