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TV: A Girls Guide to 21st Century Sex -Five Life (UK only)

Just wondered it anyone from the UK saw this.  I stumbled on it accidently and yeah its the usual gumph about improving your sex life, but what was interesting was that they had real people ( you know what I mean) having real sex and they had tiny cameras attached to their parts so you could actually see what was happening.  In the episode that I saw, the man and woman were having sexual intercourse and you could see the actual penis
entering the vagina and what it looked like inside, I found it quite interesting considering I have still have issues about looking at myself down there, it was interesting to see what it looked like inside
Just wondered if anyone else saw it, Five Life is a cable/digital/satellite channel so if you havent got either of those you wont be able to see it
Here is the schedule's+Guide+to+21st+Century+Sex/Health/ Forum Index -> VAGINISMUS CENTRAL (Public Forum)
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