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The New Kid

Hi there,

I was just recently diagnosed with Vaginismus and then found this forum. I thought I'd say hello; dip my toe in the pool. I am 24. With some other health issues already prior to this diagnosis, I am left feeling rather overwhelmed. Maybe there is some support here.

Hoping you are well.

Hi Bella,
first of all, please remember this is NOT an illness!

So please don't feel like you now have ANOTHER issue on top of
your previous health problems.

For many many women  (I'd say for ALL women!) vaginismus is
just your vagina saying   "wait a second...  something is NOT quite
right here,  leave me alone while you figure it out!"

So vaginismus in itself is not the health issue, it's not a problem.
It's telling you that there is something that is making it not right for you
now to have intercourse and to risk a pregnancy (or anything that may result from having sex at the wrong time or with the wrong person).

Maybe your vagina is just telling you "before you have sex (or children), wait and focus on the other health issues and get better. I need you in great shape"

See what i mean?

Did you consider why your body may be protecting you right now?

Welcome here, please read as much of the website as you can but take it in stride.

[quote="admin"]vaginismus is just your vagina saying   "wait a second...  something is NOT quite
right here,  leave me alone while you figure it out!"[/quote]

I'd say this is a better definition of vaginismus than the medical definitions.

Hi Bella, welcome  Smile  I've found reading through the forum topics helps as well....sometimes you come across a post and think "oh, that happened to me too".  Somehow you don't feel so alienated knowing there are other women with the same worries and concerns.

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