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Size of the vagina

Hi everyone!

I read that the size of the vagina is of around 10 cm...yet when I dilate I can insert a dilator of  16 cm (yes, amazing, thanks to you  ) come? and i still feel i could insert sth larger...but i donīt want to get carried away and hurt the following organs...cervix or uterus
Is that length normal?

It varies from woman to woman... So what's normal for you is normal Smile

It'd be quite hard for you to hurt your cervix cause that's like a proper wall,  so you'd feel it and you could not get past it.
It only opens to let a baby out !!!  Plus, it'd hurt.

So I wouldn't worry.
That said,  since we feel more pleasure in the first third of the vagina (those who do feel something in their vagina, compared to feeling with the clitoris etc)
and men feel more pleasure at the top of the penis, there's no real need to go so deep really..

But good on you for getting this "far" and sounding so happy


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