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Q-Tip Test and Where to put the Topical Medication... graphi

Hey guys,
I just wanted to pass on something else I learned from my doctor...

This is a bit graphic so stop reading now if you don't want to hear all about my vulva! =)

Although not everyone is this way, for me the areas that hurts are bright red so it's easy to see where to put the medicine...

I'm going to write about where I put it exactly on me and how, as I know this is hard to figure out. The first six weeks I was on it, I put it on all wrong but now that I've been on it for about three months, I have a good system worked out.

I sit up most of the way, with my back against the wall if I'm on my bed or side of the tub if I'm in the bathroom sitting on the floor. Then with a magnifying make-up mirror between my legs, I can see my vulva really easily. I draw the medicine up from the tube into a syringe. You can get oral syringes for free at the pharmacy. You can also buy insulin syringes at the phramacy and rip off the needle but be careful not to stick yourself.

Then with one hand I separate my labia. For me, the problem area is right between the hymenal tags and the labia. If I don't pull it apart with one hand, this part is completely hidden. That's why doing the q-tip test on yourself doesn't always work becuase you poke around but on some people this area is hidden and you don't poke there. On me for example, I can poke everywhere else and have no pain if you poke right in there, esp. when I'm not on medicine, it feels like your stabbing me with a knife!

Anyway, so with a syringe I carefully apply medicine to all the read areas which means starting at 6:00 (towards the rear) and then along along the sides.

Hope this helps.

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