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Poll: on tampons and vaginismus

If you didn't have vaginismus, would you be interested in wearing tampons ?

We're trying to establish how many "customers" tampon companies are losing by not addressing vaginismus on their leaflets..

I think an easier and more accurate way to work this out would be to estimate how many women have vaginismus in any one country, and then assume that all of them could be *potential* customers.

Because any woman without vaginismus who still does not want to use tampons would be classified under a different category.

For instance, I have always been totally anti-tampon, and relatively uninterested in cups. For years I've never wanted to use internal products. However, in the past year my flow has changed and it has got to the point where pads are no longer practical for the first day or so - I have to use my cup. Forum Index -> VAGINISMUS CENTRAL (Public Forum)
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