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PLEASE HELP: Info on Laser Treatment for Vaginismus?

My story began over two years ago; I was diagnosed Vaginismus but I also have something similar in conjunction that is life destroying.  Almost every days I lie in fetal position, miserable and unable to do even simple daily tasks.  I can not work and my social life is nill.

After years of intense suffering, every humiliating test (and re-test) imaginable, ridiculous diagnosis and being told “it was all in my head” I finally received a accurate diagnosis.

I have what is called Levator (vagi) Myalgia.  Basically, subconsciously I tighten my pelvic muscle throughout the day and it gets worse at night.  This causes INTENSE ITCHING you know where (non-stop).

The cure was Valium (only antiansiolitic that calms my muscle there), dilators, walking, pilates, yoga, daily physical therapy, a psychologist and a psychiatrist.  It worked, for a few months.  Now it is starting to wear off, plus I am tired of medication (herbal stuff is useless).

I went to another doctor and asked for Botox, I know it is a last resort but I am at the end of my rope.  He said no, he said the best new technology for Vaginismus and such (loosening the muscle) is a laser treatment.  

I have researched online and the only information I have found on laser treatment for vaginal conditions is to TIGHTEN the muscle…. So not what I am looking for.  Not really interested in being able to crack walnuts.

I really do not care if I can not have sex, I just want the itching to end.  Nobody can live like this. I want to work, I want to live and I want to even be able to feel human, maybe laugh.

Please, anyone who can help.   Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Any experience with laser treatment?  

I have 3 days to decide because the specialist who does this is only here (in South America) a few days.

Thank you very much in advance for any advice or information you can provide.

Hello Carla,

I feel for you having such a hard time to learn what's wrong and how it can be helped.

To be honest I have never heard nor of any laser therapy for vaginismus, neither of itching being a symptom of it. A tense muscle will usually hurt and grow numb as time passes.
Also, I have never heard of a laser therapy for myalgias.

My personal opinion is that this laser therapy might be worth a try. If you feel this doctor is trustworthy, then I'd say: do it.
Botox injections are both risky and uncertain to help. Laser therapies are known as a gentle treatment, and I guess it will at least not do much harm. Also, I have heard of it being helpful with pains and affections of the nerves.

There are message boards for people with myalgias, where people might be able to give you more information than me, so you might want to have a look.

Sorry for not being much help.

All the best for you! I really hope you get this sorted out soon.

Dera Chaichi,

Thank you so much for answering, I have been checking at least 10 times a day.  Yes, two years of itching is driving me that crazy for a cure:)

The doctor has received rewards but in Bolivia.  All the info I found on lasers was for tightening and rejuvenation:(  I am thinking of giving myself a few weeks to ponder and decide, until the doctor returns.  

IF I DO DO IT I WILL LET ALL OF YOU KNOW, it sounds corny but we are sisters in suffering, few others can understand.  I did take the vaginismus test and rated 4 out of 5 so...the connection exists.

My PT (and close friend) did say lasers do help with myalgia but she never heard of it done for vaginal myalgia:}, she is also researching as much as she can plus she has connections as a postgrad PT instructor.

Once again Thank you & I will post if I do it and it works:)  That would be great wouldn't it! Smile

We should be glad if you keep us updated. Smile

Try to google only "laser therapy" and you'll see there are many illnesses where lasers are used, including neural symptoms. If it's been used only very recently as a therapy for vaginismus it doesn't surprise me that nobody has heard of it. The news need time to spread.

My, it sounds like an extremely debilitating problem you have...

Now, vagina-wise I'm afraid I have not heard of anything that may help you or that you haven't tried yet, which is why I'll be bold, and speaking personally (i'm no doctor),  could I ask you if you considered
changing your diet  completely ?

I would highly recommend you to start quitting anything inflammatory

That means ALL animal foods, but also a lot of cereals too and all FATty foods and refined sugars of all kinds.

What does that leave, you may ask?

Fruits, tons of fresh fruits, and veggies, tons of cooked or raw veggies,
and some pasta or bread here and then, some rice and oats.

Could you live on it?   You'd thrive if you ate enough to reach the calories you need.   I know I certainly do...

it sounds to me like your body is very inflamed and could do
with a sound detox first and the most nurturing food on the planet
for us apes....  fruit..

We keep forgetting we are apes.. fruitarian by nature...

It may take a while obviously for your body to recover
after years of unhealthy eating but if you  may see good results very soon as soon as you dish animal products.

Anyway, in case you're remotely interested, here's a forum where you can learn more about eating as nature intended us to eat.
it may be worth trying and it can only make you feel better.!&id=2939725

All the best..

Let us know if things get better...

I feel windy just by reading your post, Lily.  Very Happy
But if nothing else has come to fruition yet (hehe... okay sorry, serious again now!), why not!

I wish I could eat more fruit but unfortunately I've got a fructose malabsorption. Crying or Very sad

On itching, though, my first thought is dryness, and my experiences with doctors are that they usually don't think of such simple solutions.
Second thoughts go to hormonal contraceptives, which can cause a huge range of side effects, including dryness or an unbalanced vaginal flora, which will lead to yeast or bacterial infections etc. pp.

To solve all these problems I warmly recommend Multigyn gel - it helped me lots. And of course, quitting hormonal contraceptives if you're on it.

Just thought I'd add that although I didn't want to write it in the first place, but I have forgotten why. If I remember the reason I will probably edit this post. Very Happy

Thank you for the advice but I have been a vegetarian for 33 years, I do not touch sugar and do not eat cereals or anything starchy (I get my carbs from fresh fruits and vegetables).  I am actually a Registered Dietitian with a Masters degree in nutrition and did try every elimination diet possible.  My diet as as near close to perfect as possible.

It is not dryness, they checked, but thanks for the advice.  I have been tested for everything.  My hormone levels are perfect.  It has been 8 years of vaginismus and 2 years of suffering from what I am POSITIVE is the correct diagnosis Levator Myalgia- usually called Levator Ani Myalgia (would be vagi in this case).   It is just a constant contraction of the same muscle as vaginismus- this non stop contraction is so strong sometimes my legs shake and it is what causes the itch.

I have spent 2 years going to specialists of all different types and getting every test imaginable (many repeatedly)in three different countries, including the United States.

Diet does not work, dilators no longer work, pilates/ yoga/ walking etc... no longer work, physical therapy no longer works, medications no longer work (tried all kinds) and psychotherapy is not helping.  Basically, anything covered on the awareness website, other proper websites and recommended by doctors has been attempted... I am not one to jump into a crazy solution without trying natural or simple measures first.  I am a great believer in healthy living and the body's ability to heal itself.

I know it is a last resort but I am now even looking onto Botox, I am there... trust me, I have tried everything.  This is why the laser sounded intriguing.

If anyone does hear of laser therapy please let me know.

Nobody wanted to offend you, Carla... if you feel offended I'm very sorry! Sad

I don't quite get it, though... aren't you getting the laser therapy now?

O sweetie, I was not offended.  I am just frustrated as you can imagine, I am really sorry if it seemed like I was offended.  I just wanted to clarify my situation and give you guys a better picture of what is going on.  

I joined this blog because I figured we are all sisters in this together Very Happy

Sorry again, I really did appreciate the comments and your trying to help.

PS:  I still can not find a credible source on the effectivness of laser treatment for vaginismus and now her nasty sister Levator (vagi) Myalgia.  I do not want to be a guinea pig especially since laser is permanent.

I am considering Botox, I know it is a last resort but like I mentioned I am there and am willing to put up with it if it goes wrong since it wears off in 3 to 6 months.  I am just having trouble finding someone qualified and experienced to do it.  My options are Bolivia (scary), Chile, California or Miami:)

Phew! *relieved* Smile

And are these countries far away from where you are?

The reason I asked was because I am in Santiago, Chile at the moment to see doctors anyway and will be going to LaPaz, Bolivia next month to visit my 91 year old grandmother and then back to the States.  First California to visit my mom and then finally back home to Miami.  

The trips would be so much better if I could enjoy them and not itch, which kind of puts a damper on things Sad

Thanks for asking.  I hope you have a really good day Razz

Thank you, it was really a nice day although I had to work for AGES today (like all week). Now I'm very happy that the weekend has come, and I got a pretty good feedback for my work which also makes me very happy.  Very Happy

Sorry for being off-topic, I just had to share this!  Smile

I am really glad you had a good day and positive feedback from work Razz  

See that is all I want, to just be able to go out there and live my life and have good days and be able to work again. Most days the itch is so bad I stay in fetal position and when I do go out I am miserable and can not focus.

Hopefully I will be able to tell you a good day too some time soon Very Happy

You sure will, and I will be happy to hear about it!  Smile Forum Index -> VAGINISMUS CENTRAL (Public Forum)
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