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Past Life Regressions on the Oprah show May 13th

Hey, everyone!

I just wanted to note that on the Oprah show on Tuesday, May 13th, she says she's going to do a past life regression for the entire audience.

She didn't say who will be leading it, but the voice sounded a lot like Dr. Weiss. I hope it is him, because he is terrific.

This is the exact same type of therapy that I did that allowed me to start dilating. It is a great way of dealing with fears and phobias.

I don't expect that anyone in the audience will have anything too dramatic happen. In that setting, with a short exercise, it will probably be just enough to get a taste of it. But it should be fun.

It's a great thing to have more people know about this, I think, and for it to seem less mysterious or spooky. It's really not a big deal.

Anyway, we'll see what happens on the show! I'm excited about it!


past life regressions

Wow!!! It was Dr. Weiss, and it was so great to see him on tv! I am really glad Oprah had this show. It was very cool.

If anyone is interested, I think Dr. Weiss' best book is "Through Time Into Healing".  And you can also buy his CDs on his website to try the regression exercises at home yourself.

Although I found that when I was doing it on my own, my subconscious wouldn't "spill" as much as it would when I was with a psychologist who I knew would help me cope with anything that came up.

So when I did it on my own, I remembered innocent, neutral things, not heavy, traumatic things. It was fun, but not particularly healing. I should try it again, though. Even if I remember nothing, it's a great relaxation exercise to listen to those CDs.


past life regression therapy on the Oprah show

Oh boy!

There is going to be a part two show on past life regression therapy on this coming Tuesday, June 24th! This time they are going to show how it helped a woman with a phobia! I am so excited!

This is so related to vag, and if you watch it I am sure you will understand how. This type of therapy has the ability to lift a huge weight off you, and to clean out your subconscious. It is so fun, too.

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