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Ode to Vaginismus

A cool young woman just recently gave me permission to publish
a poem she wrote on vaginismus one day, inspired by the many stories of women who are mistreated because of it and writing it to say out loud how it shouldn't be so.

I find it quite funny and at the same time  spot on.

You can read it
on the right column of this page:

then come back here and post your comments if you wish.

Or your poems !!


I really enjoyed reading this, particularly the line about how women have more than one set of lips, and she can do things with the lips on her face too.  And the section, "Here are some lotion and tissues
I am sure you know what to do" made me smile.

Very affirming and encouraging!

Mary Elizabeth's poem

That is so adorable! lol

Thanks for sharing it with us! Forum Index -> VAGINISMUS CENTRAL (Public Forum)
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