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PLEASE HELP: Info on Laser Treatment for Vaginismus?
useful tips part 1 and 2
useful tips
New With a Question
How do you tell a new boyfriend?
I don't know what to do. :(
New Here
I DONT want to be cured!
Alcohol and Vaginismus
The New Kid
How do I broach subject? -A boyfriend
hey new here
A hello
success! - an update. But he has ED...
It's good to know why I have the trouble I have, but...
Vaginismus Survey
So I went to a doctor and...
Is it likely that I have vaginismus?
Secondary Vaginismus - please help
Could I have vaginismus?
Misleading youtube video on Vaginismus and botox!! Pls watch
Looking for opinions on vaginismus
New Poll on the homepage
great relaxation CD
Vagina closed
Vaginismus sufferer needs another sufferer for story
2 Questions from a man
Getting Started...
Anyone knows of an article /Tv show etc mentioning Vag ?
Ode to Vaginismus
Websites mentioning vaginismus with misleading statements
Past Life Regressions on the Oprah show May 13th
Vaginismus in Sex Ed.
Women willing to talk about it.
TV: A Girls Guide to 21st Century Sex -Five Life (UK only)
A song for couples with vag.
Beyond the medical model of sexuality
Channel 4 (UK) Dr Betty: The 77-Year-Old Sexologist
"Private Practice" tv show with vaginismus on it!
Scrapbooking and Vaginismus
"Cure" vaginismus?
Medications and Vaginismus
Poll: on tampons and vaginismus
how do we get tampon makers to acknowledge vaginismus ?
Renaming Vaginismus
Sexual harassment in grade school - part of the problem?
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