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Not sure what it!

For quite a while now, I have been having issues with my vulva as well as my vaginismus.
I suffer from thrush very regularly because of my diabetes. At the moment I use canestan creams and wash my vulva with just water when symptoms arrive. if it's particularly bad, i get tablets from the doctor. however because of my diabetes and the presence of sugar in my urine, it soon comes back. anyone got any ideas on keeping it at bay?

another issue, which may be thrush, but may not be, is that my clitoris is very sensitive, and the skin just below it (inbetween my labia but only just) feels a bit sore, and red and dry. is this because of the thrush as well? i find my clitoris is often very senstive. im ok to use a vibrator against it, but direct stimulation with fingers, either by myself or by partner, is too sensitive and almost hurts

finally, my last issue is the skin around my vulva tearing. this is usually after me and my partner and been 'havin sex'. our replacement for intercourse is to rub our genitals together, which works very well, i recommend! we both get stimulation and have both reached orgasm with it. the only problem is, the friction is causing my vulva skin to tear, around the outside and the inner labia and just below my vaginal opening.
is there any way to avoid this?

sorry its so long, i just cant find anything on the internet about any of this, so i thought i'd ask here

... Tricky.  Sorry I'm not an expert so I can't really help here.
Did you read our page :  ?
You may find something that helps.
Even if it's advice for vestibulitis etc , it may help you too.

Also, just wondering,  it may not be the same kind of diabitis but
it has been shown that a vegan diet helps improve diabetis a lot.
Some doctors can even help you reverse it with it, do you know about that?
You may want to consider changing your diet.
It may help a lot.

Here's the site of one of those doctors so you can find out more: Forum Index -> HEALTH CONDITIONS LINKED TO VAG (Public Forum)
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