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I often have sudden pain afetr not having tried to insert anything for a long time - weeks or months.  Is this vaginismus, or what is it?  The pain feels like it would if I had tried to insert something too big or too roughly.  I can feel fine for weeks and the one day suddenly have this pain.

I am calling it vaginismus but I am wondering if this is something separate.

I really appreciate any comments.  Thanks.

Hard to tell...
Did you check our website and the page with the test on how to
self-diagnose yourself ?

It may simply come from a very natural body reaction.
In nature we would not have sex so often.
We'd only have it when we're in heat, and only
when the right conditions are in place so that
if we get pregnant, it'd be good to have babies..

We too often force our bodies into penetrative sex these days
when maybe we should just cuddle or have a body massage.

I don't know about you but the more I get full body massages by
my partner,
the less I crave sex and my sense of satisfaction and closeness
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