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Misleading youtube video on Vaginismus and botox!! Pls watch

Check this out ladies!
Does anyone else think this looks staged?

First of all, as you know botox is not yet approved for vaginismus.
it's used as a trial and can be very dangerous and studies showed that
placebo effect is very high and that the women who get better could do so cause in order to have the injections, they first have to dilate them basically.

That said,  a few women I know and myself tried to write comments
warning against botox as a treatment for vaginismus and... hear hear..
they disappeared after a few minutes!!

They by now deleted ALL comments.

So.. who's behind this woman?

She does not even mention dilating, she says that botox
got the life of a friend back and her marriage too and she makes sure
she mentions the name of a certain plastic surgeon.

As we know (or many here know by now),  there's something
slightly wrong if  your partner has serious problems with you only
cause you can't have intercourse.

Anyway, to me, that video sends out very misleading messages.

Considering that it's the only youtube video on vaginismus really,
except for a spoof,  it's very serious and we should at least
try and comment as much as we can.

Maybe we should also start coming up with a video of our own.
Anyone would like to get herself out there?
Please email me..


vag on youtube

Oh, how sad. I wish Kelsie would read the VAN site.

That's too bad that she said "nobody else has come up with anything better" than botox!

Yes, I also think it looks staged. Look at her occupation! If it wasn't staged, there would be no point in deleting comments. What did you write, anyway?

And is there any other way to interfere than with comments? Can't we get in contact with the people from youtube to have it removed?

It wasn't just my comment that got deleted.
A bunch of ladies wrote and comments got deleted
each time they had something regarding Botox not being
FDA approved for vaginismus and the need to be careful.

Also, at some stage they also deleted the (fake?)
nice comments, from friends and relatives who were all
praying for her and saying how great she was for opening up.
They must have realized they had gone too far.

Anyway, we are on this case.
We'll let you know..
We think we know why it's been made..


I have just returned from my 3-day visit to receive Botox for Vag.  It works, ladies.  I have never been treated so well and lovingly by anyone.  Another gal was with me and we worked together--it was the best.  I encourage you to be open-minded.  I am readily available to discuss if anyone wants to personally.  I am walking on air! Razz

It doesn't "work", like, as a cure, it paralyses the muscle. You can do what you want, but *I* am not going to be "open-minded" as you call it to such a risky treatment which in fact doesn't help to heal vaginismus. It just helps ignoring it by temporarily eliminating the symptoms. Your body is your own and you can do as you please, but *my* body is not going to suffer violations like this.

HI yankie girl. We are glad it worked for you of course. We are sad that you decided to ignore the message your body was trying to send you and use something potentially very toxic for the body, therefore putting yourself at a risk when there was no real "need" for it.  Anyway, please remember when you write on this or other forum that Botox is not yet an official treatment for vaginismus and so far (you can read our whole article about it), the consesus is that it's still way too early to say if it's really Botox that works or the preparation leading to the injection (and dilation) and most of all, it's way too early to see if there can be damages in the long run..

So we will let women speak of their experience with Botox here,  but please be careful before you recommend it.  We will not endorse recommendations of a potentially very risky drug which your vagina does not need. You may want it, but your vagina does not NEED it. Vaginismus is NOT an illness..

Let me make it clear.  Vaginismus is NOT an ILLNESS.
So to suffer pain and to risk potential PERMANENT damage to one's body just to get rid of something which is not an illness, is something that shows a desperation that we'd prefer to see women resolve by talking about it and going to the root of the problem..

Anyway, best of luck.. Forum Index -> VAGINISMUS CENTRAL (Public Forum)
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