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Hi Everyone, hope you are well

I've recently come across hypnosis CDs on the net;

Has anyone tried these or  hypnotherapy in general? Was it of any use?


There is a whole page on hypnotherapy and vaginismus here.
see if it answers some questions.

And i think there's a thread on this too somewhere on the forum.
use the Search tool above and see if you can find it.


Yes, hypnosis was helpful to me. If you can afford the CD, it wouldn't hurt to try it. The worst that could happen is you'd waste your money.

I know of others who have felt that hypnosis (either using a CD or a therapist trained in it) helped them to be able to relax and to dilate.



Hi all--long time no talk.  I thought that if I avoided this site and "pretended" it didn't exist, I'd be able to move along with my life.  Unfortunately, I think Vag is strating to get to my poor husband who is 100% positive and supportive of me.  The other day he was like "you don't even give me sex--worthless."  Of course we had been fighting and I said some pretty ugly stuff too, but boy, he knew where to hurt me the most.  I can't say I blame him much.  I'd leave me too if I were him.

Anyway, I have had hypnosis a gaziliion times and I guess it can work if you are relaxed.  Personally, I am an A-Type, ADD person who, while laying there, am thinking about dinner and my to-do list, so it has never worked for me.

I even had personalized Vag. tapes created which was a waste of $.

Just venting, thaks, as always Smile

Re: Hypnosis

YankyGirl06812 wrote:
... I can't say I blame him much.  I'd leave me too if I were him.

I am sorry that you feel this way. Sad Yes people do tend to say painful things in the heat of the moment but you should remember that there is so much more to you than your (in)ability to have intercourse. You are not worthless. Forum Index -> HEALTH CONDITIONS LINKED TO VAG (Public Forum)
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