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How to pronounce Vulvar vestibulitis and Vulvodynia


Can someone tell me how to pronounce these words? I would like to bring it up with my doctor sometime as I am pretty sure I have vulvodynia as well as vaginismus but I don't know how to say it!

Love Gayle xxx

forum on vulvodynia

I'm not sure, but I found this:

Hope someone in there can help you, and not just with the pronunciation issue..

good luck..


Vulvar (VUHL-ver) Vestibulitis (Ves-tib-u-LIE-tis)

vulvodynia (vuhl-voe-DEE-nee-ah)

best I can do. Also, I'm American so it might be a bit different in the King's English. =)


Yeah, I wasn't sure if it was DEE-nia or DIN-ia. I'm going to make an appt with a doctor once my exams are over and get it sorted out once and for all I think.

In the past they just referred me to a gyno, who did a test for infections, didn't find any and then never told me what WAS actually wrong. This time I'm going to handcuff myself to the doctor's chair until they give me something for the pain!

Love Gayle xxx Forum Index -> HEALTH CONDITIONS LINKED TO VAG (Public Forum)
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