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How do you tell a new boyfriend?

After years of suffering from this with a frustrated but very understanding boyfriend, I have recently split with him and met someone new. He is an absolute sweetheart and sure he will understand but the question is how and when do you drop a subject like Vaginismus into a conversation.

Previous boyfrind was who I discovered I had a problem with so didn't need to tell him as he was there.

My new year's resolution was to get this thing sorted once and for all but not got round to going the doctors yet as things have been so hectic. I haven't been in the past as I have been too scared that they will poke around up there and make the fear worse. However enough is enough and Vag has been proventing me from moving on with my life. Old boyfriend has now said he will come over and come the doctors with me and litterally hold my hand throughout as he knows what I wimp I am and knows I just won't go on my own.

Only been seeing new fella a couple of weeks & don't want to scare him off just yet by hitting him with such a heavy subject so early in a relationship. As it is early days we have not tried any form of intercourse as yet. I do very much enjoy foreplay and can orgasum quite happily as long as nothing goes inside me.

Any thoughts from people would be apprieciated

Hi there Claire,
did you read our articles on the site "How and when to tell a partner"?
It's got a lot of ideas .
Then get back to us!
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