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I think i may have this condition but im not too sure. You see I too could not have sex and went to a gyno. I was told i would need a hymenectamy and all would be normal afterwards...not soo.

I can now have sex with my long time b/f but i never enjoy it. It often hurts and i feel a burning sensation afterwards. I often ache for hrs afterwards as well and never want to "go again". Im abit confused because i have all the pain symptoms described but can acheive penetration ok.

I feel terrible. I dont want to tell him he hurts because he waited 2yrs for us to be able to even do this and i know it makes him feel bad when he does.
What should i do? Does anyone think i could have this or is it something else all together??

Where does it hurt?  Can you understand the exact point/s?

And what kind of pain is it?
Does it burn ?
Does it feel sore, like after a work out when you weren't ready for it?
Where did it hurt BEFORE the hymenectomy or had you even tried penetration before that?

Sorry for all these questions. Just trying to see if we can help you figure this out.

No before the hymenectamy i couldnt achieve penetration at all. It was like others have describe - hitting a brick wall. And we tried for the longest time before i went to a gyno.

Then pain feels like the opening still isnt big enough (if that makes sense) and it most always burns afterwards. Someone else described the sensation of needing to go to the toilet? I most always have that feeling afterwards.
But yeah i never feel any pleasure no matter how hard i try to get into it.

it sounds like vaginismus alright and, as it often happens, the hymenectomies gets rid of the hymen BUT it cannot stretch the muscles for you, especially the ones at the entrance, the ring ones.

Have you already tried dilating ?
I think it would be good for you to read our Guide on that, especially the first few chapters.

Most of all, you should stop having intercourse right now.
It will only make things worse.

Sounds like you should start dilating with something very, very small and take it from there and exercise by stretching the walls at the entrance for a long time.

Good luck for now

oh ty so much! I thought i was such a freak till now. Feels so weird finding pain in something most ppl enjoy. I will start doing the guide.

Thank you so much for your help. Smile Forum Index -> VAGINISMUS CENTRAL (Public Forum)
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