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Channel 4 (UK) Dr Betty: The 77-Year-Old Sexologist

Hi Ladies
Dont know if anyone saw this. It came on Sunday night, but if you have Sky Plus or Virgin media (UK only), you can see it up to 7 days after
It was about 3 british women who go to the US to see Dr Betty, to help them with orgasm issues.

Dr Betty is very hands on. One of the women, couldnt even look at her vagina( I know where she's coming from lol) and when she tried to insert something inside she couldnt because it was so painful. Dr Betty (a little coldly I think) said she wouldnt be able to help her any futher, but did say that she thought she may have vulvar vestibulitis, vulva pain. When she came back to England, the woman was happy because she had suffered with this for years and years; she had children, but everytime she had intercourse the pain was really bad.

She said that whenever she went to Doctors, they didnt believe her and said it was all in her head etc, and she knew it wasnt but nobody believed her. Anyway she saw specialist in this type of pain who gave her numbing cream (!) and some kind of tablets. She said that the pain was less but the numbing cream wasnt very nice

I really felt for her when she said the Doctors not being very sympathetic (though I have to say I havent had any problems with that)

It was an interesting programme, just wondered if any other UK ladies saw it


I did see that program and I felt really sorry for that poor lady Sad I can't believe that no one spotted what was wrong with her before! I don't know about you but did you also think that Dr Betty was not very sympathetic? The way she was saying things like "oh for god's sake just do it" to her - I actually felt uncomfortable watching is as she was really pushing her to do something that caused excruciating pain. I also didn't like the way she just sent her away without saying that she was going to look into it further. That poor lady must have left the clinic feeling 100 times worse than when she went in!!

Aside from that I did think the program was worth watching - very interesting.

Vicki xxx

yes i did think Dr Betty wasnt sympathetic, and i was shocked cos it was like she had never encountered this before that women never hurt when having sex, how long has she been a sexologist for?

I got the impression that she had been doing it for a long time as she is very well known for her work in the area. You wouldn't think that painful sex was uncommon but from the perplexed look on her face maybe she just doesn't specialise in that sort of thing!!

Vicki xxx

I'm not sure we're talking about the same woman, but a while ago on the Yahoo support group for vag. someone mentioned Dr Betty's post in reply to a shy girl who was having a hard time getting to a gyno for a pap-smear and she was patronized a lot.

So, thumbs down for that lady.

But glad that VV got more coverage.
These are great years for vag. and vulvar problems in general.
There is a great lady who wrote a really good book about them,
it's THE V-BOOK if anyone is interested.

As for the numbing creams, for some it works, for some it doesn't, for some it only works temporarily, but that is VV, it's different from vag.

We have a really good post from Lin somewhere explaining the difference and actually, it should be on the website too, in the pages for Practitioners somewhere, so if anyone is confused you can check it out.

Thanks for the link. Forum Index -> VAGINISMUS CENTRAL (Public Forum)
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