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"Private Practice" tv show with vaginismus on it!

Tonight in the US there was a tv show called "Private Practice" which is a spin-off of "Grey's Anatomy" and is about a female gynecologist who moves to a private practice in LA.

The teasers for tonight's show looked like it might possibly have a patient with vag in the show.


I just watched the show!

Over all, I think it was great publicity. They said vaginismus more than once on tv! And vulvar vestibulitis! And they said them without snickering or giggling or making fun of the conditions.

That pelvic exam was so realistic, it was great.

They treated the patient with respect. The gyno stopped the pelvic exam when it hurt. They showed using a couple different approaches for treating it. (The regular doctor did lidocaine injections for the vv, and the alternative doctor did guided visualizations for the vag. Guided visualizations are like the hypnosis tapes you can buy online.) The husband was pretty cool about it.

And they had the alternative doctor say that the couple could take it slow going through the treatment process, because after all, they wouldn't die if they didn't have i/c.

On the bad side, they had to make the couple desperate to solve the problem, for dramatic effect. They had the husband start out saying sex was no big deal and he didn't care if they had it or not, which was a good idea to introduce, but later on had both of them admit they really, really wanted to have sex.

There was just a moment when the surgeon wanted to do surgery on the patient, and I almost had a cow at that moment! Luckily it passed quickly.

The problem was shown as being solved in one night, which is unrealistic, but probably necessary for tv plot purposes. I was expecting that.

But the absolute worst thing was at the very end, when the couple had had i/c and the writers of the show had the counselor say "They just saved their marriage." Oh Puleeeeze! How overly dramatic can you get!?

That was the only thing that really bugged me. That last comment. I hope it won't make couples with vag feel like this is something that has to ruin a marriage if it's not solved! Geez. Of course it doesn't. It totally depends on the people involved.

In general, I am really happy that they mentioned vag on this popular new show, because I bet it will get a lot of people heading for the internet to research it. We might get a lot of new members from the US because of that tv show!

Well, I'm glad I watched it. What did you all think?


Count me as a new member who's here because of "Private Practice." I've known I have vaginismus for several years now, but I've been afraid to do anything about it, sort of taking the ostrich-in-the-sand approach... you know, "maybe if I ignore this it will go away." I thought the show's depiction wasn't perfect but it was so, so encouraging to see vaginismus named on TV, and to see it portrayed as something that is: 1) not the woman's fault and 2) treatable. It really gave me hope that maybe I too could eventually overcome vaginismus. After watching the show, I cried for a while and then got on the Internet to do research. I'm so excited to have found this forum and get to hear from other women going through the same thing -- it really makes me feel less alone!

Welcome here then Smile

Take your time reading the material in the website because it is so much
it could be a bit overwhelming so that s my only suggestion...

take things easy and maybe soon you'll too see how understanding your vag and working on solving it could be one of the most interesting
journeys of your life and you won't be the same at the end..

you will be a flying ostrich by the end Smile

all the best and ask ahead as you go along.

bye now

Yeah, I sort of went and read through much of the site... so much for taking it slowly... but I found that I really wanted to learn as much as possible, and this is the best site I found. Again, it's great to hear from other women who've experienced this; thanks for the encouragement.

Welcome Sara! I think there is a lot of hope for you! You aren't alone at all!

In mimimizing the time it takes to treat vaginismus, at least the tv show emphasized that it IS treatable. It's very treatable. It just takes time and effort.

And I like the way they used an adorable couple to be the patients dealing with vag, because I know many real-life adorable couples who are dealing with it. It can happen to any normal, happy person. It's not the end of the world.

Knowledge is power when it comes to healing from vag! I'm glad you're learning all you can.


Just watched it on the internet. The writing and acting kind of made my soul hurt but, hey, what else is new in the world of American cable dramas...Razz

I'm really, really happy that vaginismus got a plotline on a popular TV show. I'm also really happy that it featured an understanding partner, instead of making it look like all men are just sex-driven louts (I could very easily have seen that story going in the direction of "Oh no! I have to be able to meet my husbands needs or else he'll leave me!" and having that be the central conflict. Or else just having the husband be a clueless jerk.)

That being said, I really wish they'd done a little more research. The central character barely seemed to know what vaginismus was, she was about to perform surgery to cure it! I've never even heard of such a thing. And when it was suggested that maybe the patient should talk to the psychologist, that idea was immediately shot down in favor of the other guy who seemed to have performed some kind of cryptic, magical cure-all behind closed doors. Why not see the psychologist? That can often help. The writers gave no sense that vag often,maybe even most commonly, stems from psychological causes. I don't think there's any reason why that couldn't have been handled in some way.
And what on earth DID that guy do to cure it that only took a day? I understand they wanted to resolve the plot in one episode but, seriously, how many liberties can you take? I suppose the one advantage of the writers not going into any detail whatsoever about this impossible treatment is that at least then maybe people will be intrigued enough by the mystery to actually do their own research about how vag can ACTUALLY be treated--and then they'd find out about dilating etc, which the show didn't even mention.

Oh well. You have to start somewhere, right? Smile

I see what you mean, Sarah.

So you were able to watch it on the internet from outside the US? Was it on ABC's website? That is really cool! Maybe other people outside the US can watch it online, too.

Yeah, progress happens in small steps. The reason I'm all happy about it is that at least it's a tiny step of progress, compared to the past.

I guess they couldn't have the woman's vag stem from psychological reasons, because that would have taken too long to solve. TV is sure not reality, of course.

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