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"Cure" vaginismus?

Hey guys,

What do people like to call "curing" vaginismus?

I've heard all of these:
"Cure vaginismus"
"overcome vaginismus"
"treat vaginismus"
"beat vaginismus"

personally I like "transcend vaginismus" but it may not be very clear what we mean...

Here's the definition of transcend, which I really like (from
[i]v. tr.
1. To pass beyond the limits of
2. To be greater than, as in intensity or power; surpass: See synonyms at excel.
3. To exist above and independent of (material experience or the universe)
To be transcendent; excel.

What word(s) do you like? Hate??


Cool word.

I use "healing" but I often mean it the way you mean transcend.
It's just easier to spell Very Happy

hee hee...

I like 'healing'. That's a good one.

I use 'overcome' (kind of in the sense of 'transcending', but a bit more clunky I guess!).

I don't mind 'treat' either, but 'cure' suggests that vag. is a disease, and I don't like that implication.

Yeah, I like overcome too. I sometimes use cure although I too don't like it as it sounds like you're curing a disease. So I try to use overcome now. Transcend is good too but it sounds a bit over the top for some situations.

Love Gayle xxx

I like "heal" also, because that word has lots of positive connotations for me.



I personally prefer "overcome" as it makes it like an obstacle that i need to give myself time to get over.

Gayle and BrevisMus - It is funny that you used the word "disease". I got really angry the other day when I was looking for more info on vag and came across sites that describe it as a disease! I couldn't believe it! Although I suppose it does fit into the dictionary definition, it just seems so wrong to refer to it as that. Here are some examples:
Scroll down to the "how to get rid of it" section (nicely worded btw!) and you will see how they refer to the main cause of the "disease".

Am I the only one that finds this a little on the insulting side?!?

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